Come Over ~ A Ziall One Shot~

A Ziall one shot based on Kenny Chesney’s Come Over co-written by morgiebug27

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New Ziall fic prologue is up. Go read T.A. wooo

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Superhuman chapter 4.... its short but whatever

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Superhuman Chapter 3 woooo

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Chapter 2 of Superhuman is up :D

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Chapter 1 of Superhuman is up :D hope you all enjoy

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Prologue for Superhuman is up :D

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Superhuman (Ziall fanfic) description

High school is crazy, especially when you go to one full of student with special abilities. Not special abilities like a high IQ or the ability to do Trig functions in their head. Like flying and invisibility. Niall Horan happens to attend one of those schools and falls hard for the schools it boy Zayn Malik.  But being the social outcast that Horan is Zayn will never notice him, right?

This will be on Wattpad :D

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