~The New Kid and the School Bully ~

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Niall walked down the corridor of the new school. His palms and hands shaking. He had only been in London for a week and was not ready for school. He wanted to be back in Ireland with his friends not here. His mom got a new boyfriend and he asked them to move to London with him. She happily obliged without listening to Niall’s protests. 

Now here he was walking through this stupid school looking for some stupid class Suddenly he ran into a large body mass. His bag dropped to the ground bu the stranger stopped him from falling. 

"I’m so sorry mate." A boy with short brown hair and dazzling brown eyes said as he lifted Niall to his feet. "I was a bit distracted." 

"It’s alright."

"You’re the new guy? I can tell by the accent."

"Yeah just looking for Maths."

"Well I just happen to have Maths too, we can go together."

"I’m Niall by the way." He stuck his hand out to the brunette.

"Liam, Liam Payne." They shook hands and headed towards class. Their little spill caused them to be a couple minutes late. The teacher gave both of them a glare. 

"Mr. Payne please take your seat." She said sternly. "And you must be Mr. Horan? Please introduce yourself to the class." She went behind her desk and flicked her blonde hair back. She must have been in her late twenties. Her shirt too tight for a teacher to be wearing. She really should have waited a couple years to teach because how does she expect any male student to pay attention in her class?

Niall walked up to the front of the room and introduced himself. Everyone welcomed him even after he announced he was bi. He never felt the need to hide it and they seemed okay with that. As headed for the empty seat next to Liam he noticed someone in the back of the room. His head on his desk and black hair sticking out of a hood.


Niall just finished getting his lunch when he heard hes name being called. He turned around to see Liam waving for him to come over. He walked over to the table the boy was at.

"Hey Niall, you want to sit with us?" he nodded and too the seat next to the boy. Across from the sat two boys.

"I’m Harry." The curly haired boy said with a smile. "This is Louis." He jabbed histhumb towards the boy with blue eyes, whose mouth was full. He gave Niall a smile which made his cheeks bulge, resembling a chipmunk. They all burst into laughter. Niall knew these were good people right away. They spent most of lunch just getting to know each other. Suddenly someone sat in the seat next to Niall causing the entire table to go silent and Niall to get confused as he looked towards the figure. He had a hood on but it was set perfectly on his quiff. His eyes light brown and a perfect jawline. He lifted an apple to his pink lips and bit it with perfect teeth. The apple left a bit of juice on his lips and he licked it off whle looking straight at Niall. Niall was in a daze. The boy was gorgeous and no one could deny that. He knew he was staring but couldn’t stop looking. Not until Liam yelled at the boy.

"What the hell do you want Malik?"

"Just welcoming Blondie to school. Problem?"

"Yeah there’s a problem. Just leave him alone or I swear." Harry’s fists were clenched, knuckles white.

"What are you going to do Styles?" He cocked an eyebrow and took another bite of his apple. "Can’t I flirt without getting shit for it?"

"Just go Zayn." Louis pleaded.

"Wait… Who are you flirting with?" Niall asked.

"I was trying to flirt with you Blondie." Zayn answered looking back at Niall. The blondes face flushed. 

"Seriously go now." Liam demanded.

"Fine." He lifted his hands up in surrender. "Fine I’ll go." He stood up and bent over. His lips grazing Niall’s ear. "See you later Blondie." With that he left leaving Niall beet red.

"God he’s such a fucking prick." Louis mumbled into his hands.

"Who was that?"

"That was Zayn Malik. He treats everybody like shit and doesn’t care. Our parents call him the school bully." Harry answered as he rubbed circles on Louis back.

"Oh. Why was he trying to flirt with me?"

"He was just messing with you because you’re the new kid." Liam informed him. "He’s the straightest guy on campus so yeah." They continued on with their lunch trying to forget the situation but all the while that tan boy with black hair sat back and watch in amazement for the new blonde in school. He was totally smitten. 


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