Okay so I’m going to start another fanfic :D

I need people though sooooo 

People I need:


I will start writing after I finish Chapter 9 of my current fanfic Kiss Me so yeah

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*this is a hunger games reference and if you don’t understand you should read the book :D

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Kiss Me Chapter 8 ~~~

 She sat there with the bright June sun shining down on her. It seemed like the names went on forever and unfortunately for her she was at the end of the list. This day had been what she was waiting for since she started school. The day she could finally say goodbye to high school drama. The day she became an independent woman. The day she graduated.


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~~~Kiss Me Chapter 7 ~~~

Outfit X

“Awww,” Kaeleene was looking at her phone, “Zayn is the sweetest.”

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~~~ Chapter 6 ~~~

outfit 1 X outfit 2 X

 Rebecca sat there with her laptop across her knees, football blaring on the television. She wasn’t really paying attention, it was just background noise. She never really liked this football, guys running up and down a field taking the ball with their feet, she was an American football girl, guys tackling each other in giant pads. But of course she never really liked sports unless she was playing them.

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