but what was the point of the fucking ball though

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The boys at their Cardiff concerts (1st and 2nd March 2013)

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My friend and I as she drives me home
Her: *talking about someone in our school having a foursome*
Me: I dont get that its weird. I mean even threesomes are weird
Her: I know right sex is two people at a time.
~ 2 minutes later ~
Her: You know what though? How many members are there in One Direction?
Me: Five
Her: Yeah I would have a six-some with them. Then I would just love to watch Zayn and Niall because they are perfect for eachother
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Why is there shit about the boys having tumblrs all over my dash

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I love seeing posts that are supposed to be making fun of One Direction 

then a bunch of Directioners reblog it

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okay so Im going to add my two cents and rant my little heart out

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the things my sister thinks about 1D
My sister: Harry's got big hair
Me: I know
My sister: it's like they made spaghetti and put it on his head and were like 'here's your hair dude'
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Catwalk Chapter 2 Part A

So I’m not done with this chapter but I didn’t want to make you guys keep waiting. It’s short so yeah

AN: Contains small description of an eating dissorder. and I own nothing :D

430 words




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Catwalk Chapter 1 (Louis Fanfic)

Author’s note: It’s 1,583 words and yeah. Sorry for any mistakes or anything. Leave me feedback please. Okay here you go. 




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Okay so I’m going to start another fanfic :D

I need people though sooooo 

People I need:


I will start writing after I finish Chapter 9 of my current fanfic Kiss Me so yeah

reblog now

*this is a hunger games reference and if you don’t understand you should read the book :D

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What if the boys do a digital short with Andy when (if) they are on SNL

and a skit

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Kiss Me Chapter 8 ~~~

 She sat there with the bright June sun shining down on her. It seemed like the names went on forever and unfortunately for her she was at the end of the list. This day had been what she was waiting for since she started school. The day she could finally say goodbye to high school drama. The day she became an independent woman. The day she graduated.


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How could you not follow such a lovely person. Like seriously go

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I think everyone should vote for 1D because they are losing to Cody Simpson

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By the time the BRITs are on my TV I will already know if the boys won and there will be gifs and everything

yay west coast America

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