Catwalk Chapter 2 Part A

So I’m not done with this chapter but I didn’t want to make you guys keep waiting. It’s short so yeah

AN: Contains small description of an eating dissorder. and I own nothing :D

430 words




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Catwalk Chapter 1 (Louis Fanfic)

Author’s note: It’s 1,583 words and yeah. Sorry for any mistakes or anything. Leave me feedback please. Okay here you go. 




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Okay so I’m going to start another fanfic :D

I need people though sooooo 

People I need:


I will start writing after I finish Chapter 9 of my current fanfic Kiss Me so yeah

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*this is a hunger games reference and if you don’t understand you should read the book :D

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I dont know why I decided to make Catwalk (my next fanfic) about Louis

it just seemed fitting

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