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*this is a hunger games reference and if you don’t understand you should read the book :D

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Kiss Me Chapter 8 ~~~

 She sat there with the bright June sun shining down on her. It seemed like the names went on forever and unfortunately for her she was at the end of the list. This day had been what she was waiting for since she started school. The day she could finally say goodbye to high school drama. The day she became an independent woman. The day she graduated.


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+One Direction;  +Harry Styles;  +Zayn Malik;  +Niall Horan;  +louis tomlinson;  +liam payne;  +One direction fanfic;  +fanfiction;  +1dfanfic;  

~~~Kiss Me Chapter 7 ~~~

Outfit X

“Awww,” Kaeleene was looking at her phone, “Zayn is the sweetest.”

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+one direction;  +Zayn Malik;  +louis tomlinson;  +liam payne;  +Niall Horan;  +Harry Styles;  +fanfiction;  +fan fiction;  +one direction fanfiction;  +1dfanfic;  +fanfic;  

~~~Chapter 5~~~

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The rest of it

Outfits X


She woke up to her bed shaking violently.

“Rebecca, Wake up.” Marissa sang as she jumped on the bed.

“What the hell are you doing?” Rebecca groaned.

“Waking you up, so get up lazy.” Rebecca hurtled a pillow at her causing her to fall off the bed. Suddenly she heard Marissa crawling around and she popped up in front of her face, “So guess what?”


“Zayn’s in loooove with you.”

“Oh really? What makes you say that?” she rubbed her eyes, not really caring what Marissa had to say.

“Because he was all Edward Cullen in your room last night.” She sat on the bed.

“Are you sure? You were pretty buzzed last night dude.”

“Um yeah. He tried to play it off like he was bringing your laptop in here.”

“Whatever now move I’m hungry.” She pushed Marissa out of her way, pushing her hair back into a ponytail as she walked out of the door. “I hope you have food.” She yelled as she walked into the kitchen. Niall and Zayn were sitting at the island in the middle already eating.

“Um, we did.” Niall said, his mouth full of potatoes.

“Don’t worry there’s more.” Zayn said rolling his eyes and pointing to the stove.

“Sweetness.” She ran over and piled food onto a plate.

“Wow, you got an appetite.” Niall’s exclaimed, eyes wide.

“I was raised in a world where food was more important than looks so yeah.”

“I want to go watch The Hunger Games.” Marissa said suddenly.

“That was the most random thing ever, and haven’t you already seen it like a million times?”

“Yeah but I want to watch it in a London cinema not a lame North Carolina movie theatre.”

“What’s The Hunger Games?” Zayn asked looking at Rebecca. The girls gasped.

“Only like my life.” Rebecca answered overly dramatic. “Then I guess that means you are coming with us?” She winked at them then ran into her room to change out of her pajamas. Twenty minutes later she came out with a purple hoodie, shorts and purple vans on.

“What the hell took you so long? You aren’t wearing anything hard to put on.” Marissa asked wearing a similar outfit.

“Tumblr duh.” They all walked out.  When they arrived at the cinema there was a big group of fans. “Awesome.”

“ Hello ladies.” Zayn said walking past them. But they weren’t having that they practically tackled the boys to the ground. They also gave Marissa and Rebecca repeated death stares. In retaliation they lifted up their hands, shaping hearts with their fingers, and put on huge smiles. The entire movie they explained what was happening while also fangirling over the entire cast.

“Louis just told me to meet the rest of the boys at Milkshake City.” Niall said as they walked out of the cinema.

“Okay let’s go.” Rebecca said, she wrapped her arm around his and they skipped ahead, continuously tripping over each other.

“So are you going to tell me the truth about last night?” Marissa asked Zayn turning her head up to look at him.

“I did, I was putting her laptop away.” He still faced forward, staring at Rebecca and Niall skipping.

“Sure, then why do you look jealous of her and Niall?”

“Why do you look jealous of them?” he looked down at her then, an annoyed look in his eye. She dropped the question. As they walked into Milkshake City they heard a loud shrill.

“No way,” Rebecca yelled as she ran towards a tall blonde girl, “Maddie what are you doing here?”

“I’m here with family.” Maddie answered. Rebecca grabbed her arm and dragged her towards the boys, who were looking at her like she just got out of the wacky bin.

“Guys this is Maddie, Maddie this is Louis, Liam, Niall, Marissa, Zayn, and Harry.” She pointed at them as she said their names and sat down.

 “God you are so weird.” Maddie told her in sign language.

“I know.” Rebecca signed quickly.

“So what’s it like hanging out with your favorite band?” Maddie asked, still no words escaped her lips.

“Strange, you think I would be acting weird but no still Rebecca.” Her hands moved smoothly.

“What’s strange about that?” Her eyebrows rose.

“Everyone keeps talking about Zayn loving me, it’s weird.”

“But isn’t he your husband or something like that?”

“Shut up.” She rolled her eyes and looked at everyone else. Their eyes were wide. “Oh my gosh I’m sorry guys forgot you were… um… yeah.” She said finally using her voice.

“Yeah we take American Sign Language at school together.”

“Not that you care, we’ll use real words from now on.”

“You should teach us something.” Marissa proposed with a smile.

“Um I guess we could teach you our name signs.” Rebecca took her pointer, middle, and ring fingers and bent them over her thumb. She tapped her finger tips to her neck. “This is Maddie’s name sign because she’s a pain in the neck, and her last name is Payne.”

“So is mine.” Liam announced loudly. They all laughed.

“Maybe you two are long lost relatives?” Rebecca let out an exaggerated gasp then giggled, “Anyways,” she took her pointer and middle fingers and wrapped them around each other. She tapped the “R” hand shape just below the corner of her mouth, “This is mine.”

“Yeah she always sticks her tongue out when she’s concentrating so it fits.” Maddie added with a laugh.

“I have a problem.” Rebecca said sticking her tongue out as example. They all laughed.

“Hey look Kaeleene is here.” Maddie said pointing towards the door.

“Kaeleene came with you? Sweet.” Rebecca and everyone else turned towards where Maddie was pointing. A girl with medium length hair and glasses walked in. She was wearing a yellow blouse and skinny jeans. She walked up to the table and Zayn’s eyes lit up. Rebecca saw and her head dropped.

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~~~Chapter 4 ~~~

She stood with her back against the wall, the drink in her hand still full. I hate parties and alcohol. Harry walked up to her. 

"What are you doing just standing there?"

"I’m standing here, duh."

"It’s a party so come on." he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the dance floor. He tried to get her to dance but she just swayed back and forth. She looked out of the corner of her eye and saw Zayn dancing with a random girl. Awesome.

"Harry" she said, standing on her toes so she could get close enough for him to hear, "I’m going to go back to Zayn’s flat."

"What? No!"

"I know the way back and it’s only a couple blocks away."

"But you’ll be alone?"

"You’ve met my dad, I can stand up for myself."

"Okay." He watched her walk away. She hurried towards the door, trying to get out as fast as she could.

"Where are you going?" Marissa said from behind her.

"Back to the flat, I don’t do parties."

"Okay, I’ll go back with you." grabbing Rebecca’s arm and breathing in her face. There was a hint of alcohol.

"No, stay. You’re having fun with Niall." 

"Are you sure?"

"Yes! Go back and dance." She turned and headed back for the door. Finally I’m out. It took her twenty minutes to get to Zayn’s flat.

"Fuck. Are you kidding me? I would fucking do that." She screamed, realizing that she had no way to get in and the door was locked. She banged against it once in frustration. The knob started to turn.

"Hello, oh hi Rebecca. What are you doing back so early?" Elizebeth, one of the boys cleaners asked.

"I got bored, what are you doing here? I thought you don’t work till tomorrow." Rebecca asked curiously.

"Well I’ve learned that the boys need their places clean the nights they party, makes things less dangerous." They laughed.

"True," Rebecca walked in, "Well I’m just going to go in my room, out of your way."

"Oh I’m finished so you can do whatever." 

"Oh, okay. Have a good night." Elizebeth left. Rebecca ran into her room and grabbed her laptop. She went into the living room and put on a movie as she logged into tumblr. A couple hours later she could feel her eyelids drooping to a close.


"Where’s Rebecca?" Zayn asked Marissa and Niall.

"She went back to your flat a couple hours ago." Marissa answered. 

"What? Why?" his eyes wide.

"She’s not the partying type love." 

"I’m going to go because she’s probably dying because she can’t get in." He left them and ran out of the door. When he walked up to the front door it was unlocked. He walked in and heard Harry Potter blaring on the television. He walked in the living room and saw Rebecca asleep on the couch, her laptop slipping off her lap. 

"Rebecca," he said taking the computer off her and setting it on the side table, "Rebecca." He shook her shoulder.

"Whu… It’s four in the morning, why are you waking me up." She asked wiping her eye, smearing black across her face.

“Well, I thought you would like to sleep in your bed instead of on the couch.” He wiped the black away.

“Fine,” she stood up and headed towards the room, “I’m only doing this because you’re drunk, and that’s not the best time to slap you for waking me up.” She shut the door behind her. She had left her laptop out there so he picked it up to give it to her. The screen lit up and he read her last post.

“Never, I repeat NEVER, go to a party with the guy you want to be with. You’ll just see them grinding on some random hoe.” Who’s the guy she wants to be with? He walked to her room and opened the door.

“Rebecca?” she was asleep, her body spread across the bed. He set her laptop on top of the dresser and walked over to her. She looked peaceful and beautiful, all the sarcasm was wiped from her face. There was a creak behind him.

“What are you doing in here?” Marissa asked with a loud whisper.

“I brought in her laptop, what are you doing here?”

“Checking on my best friend,” her eyebrows rose and a smirk came to her face, “but she seems to be in good hands.” She walked out. What’s that supposed to mean? He looked back at Rebecca and pushed her hair out of her face before he left the room. 

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