i was reading deadpool then my sister took her tablet back :(

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Well then

Well then

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"I Swear I Didn’t Seriously Ship It At First, It Just Sort of Happened" a novel by me

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Flawless celebrities: When I was 14 -years-old, I made this PowerPoint presentation, and I invited my parents into my room and gave them popcorn. It was called ‘Project Hollywood 2004’ and it worked. I moved to L.A. in January of 2004.


i don’t think anyone actually likes me

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pink perrie is my fave perrie literally the only reason this exists by thehalfbloodtribute featuring canvas shoesTopshop top / Black cardigan, $22 / Alice Olivia short skirt / Converse canvas shoes, $76
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Get the hot girl. Defeat her evil exes. Hit love where it hurts.


  • Harry needs a haircut
  • Louis needs a haircut
  • Niall could probably use a haircut
  • Liam needs to shave
  • Zayn needs to find a way to look ugly
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I really love villains

not in a ‘poor baby is so misunderstood’ way

in a ‘your amorality is so fascinating and delicious’ way


*Niall turns into Liam*
Me: Wait what...

but what was the point of the fucking ball though

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@5SOS: If you think this band would ever change for anyone or anything, you don’t know this band well enough.